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Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing being a two-way communication, the immediacy of responsiveness is observed at the highest peak.

Mobile is a 24/7 accessible device that facilitates the advertisers to target their audiences at any given point of time and at any given geographic location. This medium of advertising is ideal for time and location sensitive advertisers. The unique feature of interactivity uplifts the media enabling it to create a two-way traffic.

The ability of integrated content delivery and direct response, Mobile marketing has become an information and communication center providing reach, frequency, targeting and interactivity for the advertisers with their audience. This kind of advertising with the support of connectivity to internet is expected to grow rapidly providing your brand maximum traction on the Mobile Web. This aids to multiple opportunities for the advertisers to have instant call to action from their audience.

Mobile marketing has a success story even without the internet connectivity. The best known is SMS Marketing. All mobile devices available today are capable of receiving SMS. Advertisers can directly reach their audience without any intervention through various promotions like Lucky Draw, Contests or Surveys, Enquiries, etc. The other forms of promotional messaging like notification, mobile coupons, etc. are also used to engage the audience in your brand. It is the quickest and the most economical mode of communication.

Our Approach

To make the experience more interactive, iMz relies on local and global mobile networks to seek huge opportunities that help connecting with the consumers who are in search of information. This process drives a qualified and measurable traffic to your mobile site making it a potential target seeker. Based on the advertiser's business goals, we create and provide a range of ad formats for mobile display, mobile text and mobile rich media targeted to the users which can be visually and thematically linked to your brand or specific brand campaigns.

iMz is renowned for its mobile marketing content and engagement model for your audience. We optimize and measure the performance of your mobile campaign time and time again to strengthen the recall power of your brand. We make sure that the content is precise and satisfying to your level of expectations leading the brand to generate leads.

Why choose iMz?

  • Team of experienced enthusiasts, experts and leaders within the digital industry that strongly believe in delivering results
  • Deep understanding and experience working with B2B and B2C e-commerce sites
  • Integrated approach that is technology and analytics driven
  • We help companies scale their existing digital marketing campaigns by identifying areas of improvements and gaining cost efficiencies

Frequently Asked Questions Mobile Marketing

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the art of marketing a brand or business to appeal to mobile device users. 80% of users use a smartphone to browse on the internet. And, around 40% of all transactions happen through mobile phones. By availing mobile marketing services, you can specifically target these kinds of audience. We’d happily tell you that mobile marketing is the future of marketing, but the era of mobile marketing has already arrived. If you are not implementing mobile strategies, you are actually lagging behind. Hire us as your mobile marketing agency, and talk our experts now to bring you up to speed.

How does mobile marketing work?

Mobile marketing companies come up with strategies to reach your target audience on their smartphones and tablets through websites, e-mail, push notification, SMSs and in-app marketing. We are one of the best mobile marketing companies in India, and we work with you closely to help you achieve your goals. Depending on your products and services and the audience you want to target, you must come up with unique mobile marketing strategies for your brand.

Is mobile marketing effective?

Mobile marketing provides more results more quickly than several other marketing channels. If done right, mobile marketing can be very effective when it comes to boosting your business. Here is what you can expect, if you avail our mobile marketing services:

  • Speedy conversions
  • Superior quality conversions
  • Local businesses can benefit from instant purchases
  • Constant and ready access to customers ( since most smartphone users are glued to their phones 24/7)
  • High lead to conversion ratio (90% of mobile searches lead to action, and over half lead to purchase).

Why is mobile marketing important?

Take a quick look at the 5 reasons given below. It will take you less than a minute to realize why mobile marketing is becoming more important than ever:

  • Time spent on mobile devices is increasing
  • Consumers are readily using their smartphones to purchase staff from e-commerce platforms
  • Search engines are altering their algorithms to give higher preference to mobile-friendly sites
  • SMSs have an open rate of 98%, and 90% of people read an SMS as soon as they receive one

We provide the best mobile marketing services in India. Hire us today!

What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

As a mobile marketing agency, we help you to broaden your reach. Smartphones are affordable, and they enable more and more people to get access to the internet. By implementing effective mobile marketing strategies, we enable to reach out to these people too. Here are some of the additional advantages of availing our mobile marketing services:

  • Mobile marketing gives you instant results
  • Increased app installs
  • Better brand awareness
  • Increase in engagement rates
  • Increased retention rates

What does a mobile strategy look like?

Here is a list of strategies that most mobile marketing companies follow:

  • App-based marketing
  • In-game mobile marketing
  • QR codes
  • Location-based mobile marketing
  • Mobile search ads
  • Mobile image ads
  • SMS marketing

How to create a mobile marketing strategy?

We follow the given steps to come up with a well-rounded mobile marketing strategy:

  • Create a buyer persona
  • Define the mobile marketing objective
  • Define the target audience
  • Choose a marketing automation platform
  • Identify the right channels
  • Monitor the KPIs

What are some of the mobile marketing trends?

  • Use of platforms like analytic to gain a better understanding of the buyer’s journey
  • Strategic in-app ad placements since smartphone users spend 90% of their times on apps
  • Native advertising through sponsored or branded articles, recommendations and blog posts will continue to rise.
  • Being app-store friendly will continue to be a top priority
  • Marketers will have to keep an eye out for mobile marketing frauds to avoid complications.