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Analytics Services

Analytics is the most essential part of your Digital marketing program. It tracks, measure, monitors and stores all the relevant data points across for your web site and all the digital marketing initiatives and becomes an integral part of the optimization process. It helps you enhance visitor experience on your web site, create better engagements and improve leads generation or increase conversions. It also helps in improving the usability, navigation and overall web site structure based on quantified data points.

Our Approach

At iMz, the analytics team are experts in going through all the data points and presenting the most actionable data sets. We report and measure the campaign activities ranging from sources of traffic, effectiveness of each medium, and how it contributes to the overall lead/sale generation.

The real time data from analytics form an integral part of our real time optimization process and we ensure that all relevant data points and used effectively which helps in improving the ROI of your campaign.

As part of our analytics services, we also prepare custom reports that help you understand and identify the 'low hanging fruit' with your on-going web site activities. This report also covers an extensive analysis on the site bounce rates, exit rates, average time spent on the site etc which enables you to make web site modifications purely from the web site usability and navigation perspectives.

Why choose iMz?

  • Team of experienced enthusiasts, experts and leaders within the digital industry that strongly believe in delivering results
  • In-house team of analysts that crunch numbers and provide actionable insights
  • Deep understanding and experience working with B2B and B2C e-commerce sites
  • Integrated approach that is technology and analytics driven
  • We help companies scale their existing digital marketing campaigns by identifying areas of improvements and gaining cost efficiencies

Google Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides data and statistics about your website. You can derive insights from website analytics data to understand how users interact with your site, how much time they spend on your site, and what they do while they are there. You will also understand which of your pages are performing well, and which pages are not.

How does Google Analytics work?

With the help of Google analytics services, you can analyze various key performing factors like where you are getting most of your website traffic from, the number of unique visitors who visit your site, and the sessions they make. You will be able to see page views and the number of pages viewed per session. And, you will also be able to analyze the visitor’s behaviour. Google web analytics help you to understand who your visitors are, where are they coming from, and what they are viewing when they are on your site.

Why should you use Google Analytics?

If you are running SEO, PPC or Social Media Campaigns for your brand, our Analytics services will be of real use to you. You will be able to monitor your ROI, maximize you social media strategy, and take a look at the metrics for improving your landing pages, to make the most of your PPC campaign.

Why is Google Analytics Important?

Hire the best analytics agency, and our experts will help you with:

  • Automatic collection of data
  • You can get customized reports
  • Easy integration with other tools and platforms
  • To understand how users interact with your website
  • To get useful consumer behavior insights
  • To know where traffic to your website comes from
  • To understand the kind of content you should create

Can Analytics Track Social Media?

Our website analytics services include:

  • Insights about which social media platforms give you the most traffic
  • Calculate ROI For Social Media campaigns
  • See what content works best on social media
  • See how many conversions your business gets

How to Use Google Analytics for SEO?

You can use website analytics to:

  • Sync your Search Console account
  • Create SEO-related goals
  • Use the organic visitors segment
  • Find top-performing content
  • Use the Content Drilldown Report
  • Track Keywords in Google Analytics

How to use Google Analytics to improve PPC performance?

With the help of Google web analytics, you can:

  • Link AdWords and Analytics together
  • Import your Google Analytics metrics into AdWords
  • Understand how Google Analytics and Adwords count conversions
  • Create PPC goals in Analytics
  • Create custom segments to understand audience better
  • Understand how your users convert, and what path they take
  • Use product performance reports

How can businesses benefit from Google Analytics Reports?

Hire us as your website analytics agency, and benefit from our Analytics client reports.

  • It will enable you to understand customer demographics
  • It will help you improve your ROI
  • It will help you to come up with better marketing strategies
  • It will provide you with valuable consumer insights
  • It will enable you to take steps to maximize conversion