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Search Engine Marketing – Pay per click (PPC)

Did you know that the results within the sponsored ads section on search engines generate anywhere between 60% to 65% of traffic to a given web site? As marketers, are your products, services and/or brand well positioned with the right messaging on search engines when your customer are looking for information?

Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search Marketing is a component of Digital Mediums that centers around bidding on keyword terms with the "right" messaging within the major search engines. Unlike SEO, the beauty about Search Engine Marketing is that everything can be controlled, which means, we can select keywords, ad copies, device targeting, geographic targeting, demo graphic targeting, budget control, day parting options and more.

Our Approach

At iMz, we are passionate about the word 'ROI' and our experts strategize, execute and optimize the Search Engine Marketing campaigns to ensure that we provide the best ROI to our clients. ROI for some companies are concerned with overall sales revenue related to cost of advertising, some with pure lead generation, and some with web site traffic goals. No matter what your ROI goals are, you define them, and we, at iMz will deliver results!

The most important element that defines the success of any Search Engine Marketing program is the keyword generation and expansion process. Our expertise is not only laying the foundation with a solid keyword base, but, we take it 3 steps ahead by analysing factors like the intent of the search users, the dynamics of your audience segment and relevancy of the keywords to achieve the desired outcome.

Why choose iMz?

  • Team of experienced enthusiasts, experts and leaders within the digital industry that strongly believe in delivering results
  • Custom solutions that are tailor made to fit client goals and objectives
  • 100% ROI based campaign planning, strategy and execution with real time optimizations
  • Integrated approach that is technology and analytics driven
  • In-house content writers to ensure usage of the most optimal ad copies
  • 100% performance based or money-back
  • Thought leaders and innovators who never shy away from testing new and upcoming features
  • Google and Bing certified partners that manage millions of dollars of media spend