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z Media Solutions specializes in providing online customer acquisition and brand recognition solutions that delivers unprecedented performance for advertisers across the globe.

We take online advertising to a completely new level by bringing in accountability and measurability to your online advertising spend.

Our customer acquisition program includes media channels like search engine marketing – SEO & paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile based sms marketing and more. The brand recognition solutions include media channels like display advertising – image & rich media, social media marketing, online video advertising and more.

Our approach involves combining new online marketing channels with highly effective, efficient and proven strategies to generate quality and relevant leads for your business. We offer a very unique value proposition to our brand advertisers by taking over the entire online advertising risk. As our brand advertiser, you start off with an initial set-up fee with no media, creative, designing or management fees associated with your campaigns – We are only paid for delivered results!

Approach -
With our unique value proposition, we provide an integrated approach to our brand advertisers with their online advertising initiatives and 100% accountability to their ad spend since you only pay for delivered results. The process involves creating an integrated advertising message across all selected online media platforms.

Technology -
Our tools and technology allows us to manage campaigns at a portfolio level across all media platforms that delivers the best possible ROI for our advertisers. As a result, we are able to provide our advertisers the right audience intelligence to make better informed business decisions with their other advertising initiatives.

People -
What really sets us apart is our people! They are highly motivated, experienced, innovative, growth driven leaders and entrepreneurs who like to compete, face challenges and win.

To  find out  more about  how we can  make a  difference,  give us a  call at +91-22-22671966 and talk to one of our advisor or contact us and we will schedule a call with you.

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